Match Made at Ice Cream Factory

Vasily and Rosa celebrated their 17th anniversary at our Kyiv training seminar.

March 2020 Newsletter: Vasily and Rosa Zhugylov are child/family coordinators for MP in Ukraine. I have known them many years but recently during a training seminar in Kyiv, I spent some time with… Read More...

Family Sponsorship – Val’ko

Family ID: 42457 Ukraine: The story of this family is sad and typical to many stories of other Ukrainian families.

Val’ko family lives in a tiny dormitory room. Mother is not working because has to look after their handicapped child. Father works as a driver… Read More...

Family Sponsorship – Khamdi

Family ID: 42458 Ukraine: The story of this family is sad and typical to many stories of other Ukrainian families.

Khamdi family consists of Renat and his mother. They live in a one-room apartment. Mother is not working because Renat is autistic and needs permanent… Read More...

Family Sponsorship – Kul’kov

Family ID: 42427 Ukraine: The story of this family is sad and typical to many stories of other Ukrainian families.

There are three people in this family: mother Yaroslava, stepfather and her daughter Kira. They live in Kyiv, capital of Ukraine.

Yaroslava comes from dysfunctional…

Teen Camps, Siberian Prisons, and the Holy Spirit

75 kids and counselors gathered for one week in January. Many dedicated their lives to the Lord.

January 2020 Newsletter: Kyiv, Ukraine – Thank you for your help with our January Christmas Camp in Ukraine. The camp ended just two days before the memorial service… Read More...

Giving Thanks for 25 Years

November 2019 Newsletter:Give thanks to the Lord for he is good; his love endures forever. I Chr. 16:34 We recently celebrated our 25 year anniversary of ministry in Ukraine. The photo above, taken at the Salvation Army Church in Kyiv, includes friends, former staff… Read More...

2020 Winter Ukraine Mission Trip


Jan 2-11, 2019

£550 + Airfare

Apply Here


Spend The New Year At Our Annual Winter Camp in Ukraine 

Mercy Projects is focused on providing a hopeful future for needy kids. Our annual winter and summer camps play an important role in… Read More...

Journey from Streets to New Home

September 2019 Newsletter: This is part one of the story about a young man named Zhenya. Next month we will share part two of his remarkable journey from the basements of Kyiv to God’s redeeming love.

Note from Jeff – Often times we share the… Read More...

Family Sponsorship – Artemchuk

Family ID: 42440 Ukraine: The Artemchuk family is a strong Christian family. There are five children in the family, one of whom is adopted and one is a handicapped child. The family lives in Kyiv, capital of Ukraine in three room apartment. Grandmother Vera also… Read More...

New Summer Camps, Old Truth

Yana speaks at camp about the truth of God’s Word.

June 2019 Newsletter: Piskivka, Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine – Hundreds of children will attend Mercy Projects camps in Ukraine this summer. Yana Glushko, our camp director, remembers how her own life was transformed as an 18-year-old… Read More...