How are the Children Chosen?

A child can qualify to be enrolled in the sponsorship program for many different reasons. The primarily and general reason is that there is a great need.

Mercy Projects is made aware of their situations in various ways as they come from different backgrounds.  The child may have been in a government program, in an orphanage, or even on the streets. Often times or a social worker notifies one of our international staff of the need.

Many times a family may be in direct contact with our coordinators in the field who have close ties to various districts and villages. We have children in our program who have been rescued by coordinators who have spotted them freezing on the street or eating out of a garbage can.  There are lots of children in need in this world. Please remember that not all the children are believers. It is our mission to share the Gospel with the at-risk child and their families as well as provide crucial aid that helps in their development.

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