Family Sponsorship – Sidorchuks

Family ID: 42213 Ukraine: Now just three of the family live in a three-room house; older children some married, some moved out for studies. The parents, Galyna and Yuriy, have two children of their own, Oleksiy and Anastasia, and three – Anna, Petro and Daryna – have been adopted. One of the adopted was a classmate of their son who lost the parents and Daryna was a daughter of Galyna’s cousin who was a single mother and died. So, it was not like a plan to adopt children, it just happened that Galyna and her husband had heart to take all these kids into their family.

The father works at construction and the mother is a shop assistant. Health-wise Daryna has weak immune system and suffers from allergies and catches colds often. Mother had cancer eight years ago. The family except for the father attends a local Christian church Light of Gospel. Daryna attends Sunday school. Her older sister Anastasia is a missionary.

Daryna is at school. Her favorite school subjects are music and English. After school she attends a piano class at the local church two times a week. She also attends School of Life and children’s choir at church once a week. They have a cat named Chernysh and two dogs – Barsik and Jack. Dasha (variant for Daryna) wants to be a designer and a Sunday school teacher when she grows up.

Please pray for the girl’s father to repent and for peace in Ukraine.