Family Sponsorship – Khamdi

Family ID: 42458 Ukraine: The story of this family is sad and typical to many stories of other Ukrainian families.

Khamdi family consists of Renat and his mother. They live in a one-room apartment. Mother is not working because Renat is autistic and needs permanent observation. Father lives in Iraq and doesn’t participate in their life in any way. Renat has grandparents who help with their grandson.

Renat has been attending the Hearts of Love Children’s Center sponsored by the Mercy Projects for the second year. He has a serious form of autism and the symptoms were seen right after he was born. He wouldn’t react to somebody talking to him and to other sounds.

Now Renat is showing a good progress. He reacts to words, asks to be taken to a bathroom. He learned to eat with a spoon and tries to draw at the art class. Renat is doing logic tasks and can repeat some sounds. Renat likes to look at himself in a mirror.

Please pray for Renat and his mother. Sponsorship will be of a big importance to them.