Family Sponsorship – Gutovskyi

Family ID: 42264 Ukraine: Lidia Kaglyak, our coordinator from Odessa region writes:

“I know Gutovskyi family long ago. They are very nice and friendly family with many children. Volodymyr and Maria Gutovsky have nine children. Three of them already have their own families and live on their own. Six children under 18 live at home: daughter Karina is 12 years old, and there are five sons: Volodymyr is 11, Veniamin is 9, Davyd is 7, Aaron is 6, and the last one Daniil is 4 years old.

The family lives in a small village Bilyaivka, Odessa region. They have a cow and a garden. All the children help their parents (age appropriate) and also all of them like music and singing. They sing in the church and attend musical school (for free, as a large family). Except music and singing there are other interests among children: Karina likes embroidery, Volodymyr likes sports and drawing, Veniamin, David, and Aaron play football.

The family is very active in local Pentecostal Church. Children sing in the choir and parents take part in other ministries.

Unfortunately during last two years father’s health deteriorated. He can’t work and the whole family needs help, support and prayers.

Older children try to help their parents, but they have families of their own with many children of their own and adopted. They live in different regions of Ukraine and it’s hard for them to help.”

Sponsorship of this family would be an encouragement and a blessing to this family. Please keep them in your prayers.