Family Sponsorship – Dulepa

Family ID: 40823 Ukraine: There are seven people – parents and five children in this family. Mother and children live in a three-room apartment. Father stayed in a dormitory. The father works at a Material Science Institute and the mother is an office cleaner. Health-wise daughter Liza was operated and lumps on her head were removed. Mykhaylo is handicapped due to heart problem. Yulia has shortsightedness and astigmatism. The family are the members of International Christian Assembly found by an American pastor.

Liza is a missionary from her church in a small village near Kyiv. Yulia is finishing the first year of the Linguistics University where she is learning German and English. Her favorite subjects are foreign literature and office work. She jogs in the morning and attends swimming pool three times a week. In her spare time she likes to watch movies. Yulia wants to be business woman. Mykhaylo attends school. His favorite school subjects are P.E., math and IT. In his free time he likes to read the Bible, watch movies and study in Youtube. Mykhaylo wants to be a computer programmer when he grows up.

Supporting Dulepa family is very important for them. Please pray for Mykhaylo, Yulia and Liza to be healed, for a good job for the mother and older daughters and for peace in Ukraine.