Family Sponsorship – Dulepa

Family ID: 40823 Ukraine: There are seven people – parents and five children in this family. They live in a three-room apartment; their grandmother passed away and they moved into her apartment. Before, seven of them occupied two tiny rooms in a dormitory. The father works at a Material Science Institute and the mother is unemployed and is registered at labor office. Health-wise their son Mykhaylo has problems with his heart. The family attends local Christian churches. Anna and Maria attend evangelical church and the rest attend Bethany church.

Mykhaylo attends school. His favorite school subjects are workshop and P.E. In his free time he likes to be at computer, to watch cartoons and to ride a bicycle. He has two good friends at school. Yulia is a first-year student at the National Linguistics University and is going to be a translator. She likes German, Latin and German grammar. Yulia swims in a pool twice a week. She likes to bake. After school she runs and attends a gym.

Supporting Dulepa family is very important for them. Please pray for Mykhaylo’s health to restore, for a job for the mother and for peace in Ukraine.