Family Sponsorship – Bublik

Family ID: 42127 Ukraine: There are ten children in this nice Christian family. They live in a three-room apartment. Mother, Svitlana stays home; she is a housewife. Father, Oleg is a security guard at the Education department. They receive allowance for the children but it is really meager. Fortunately they are able to get a small plot of land to have kind of a garden to help to supplement their food needs.

Six children attend school. Nadia is in the eleventh grade. Her favorite school subject is P.E. She participates in youth ministry. Vadym is in the ninth grade. His favorite school subject is chemistry. He attends a teenagers’ service at church. Maxym is in the eighth grade. His favorite school subject is P.E. He sings in a youth choir at church. After school He attends soccer trainings and participates in championships. Sofia is in the fourth grade. Her favorite subject is music. She plays the piano. Kateryna is in the third grade. Her favorite school subject is workshop. She attends Sunday school and crafts class. Andriy is in the first grade. He likes P.E at school and attends Sunday school at church. Oleg stays at home. He likes to play with a construction set and wants to be a constructor when he grows up.

This is a family of true believers. They attend a Pentecostal Church. Please pray for all the children’s health, for their grandfather to turn to the Lord and for peace in Ukraine. Sponsorship will be a great blessing and help for this family.