Send A Child to Camp

Ukraine camps in summer are an annual event. When counselors and staff ask about “camp”, everybody knows they are talking about that hectic and highly energized 30-day time period when three 10-day Christian camps take place back-to-back. Our Mercy Projects trained staff host these summer camps and create a very fun, unforgettable time for at-risk kids in Ukraine. 

Counselors from local churches are recruited and trained. Sponsored children who have become teens join the counselor training program as well. The result is at-risk young people become strong disciples of Jesus and they joyfully work at the Ukraine camps to share their faith with the younger children. 

One day at camp is only £10. The complete cost is £100 for one child including transportation, all meals, counselors, and lots of fun.

This is a great investment in the future of at-risk children in Ukraine. The counselors, most of them former sponsored children, are grateful for your support. Because it was at camp where they found Christ and their lives were changed. All of the kids say that it is the staff counselors at the MP Ukraine camps that understand them and love them. Your support makes it all possible. Thank you.

Send An At-risk Child to Camp

With your help, the kids get to hear about Jesus and God’s love. We partner together to share the life-changing love of God with these kids. Please help today as summer is upon us!  Thank you for making an investment in the lives of at-risk children in Ukraine!