Where Is My Sponsored Child Now?

April 2019 Newsletter: Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” Matt. 19:26

Kyiv, UkraineMercy Projects, formerly known as Eastern European Outreach, opened an office in 1994 in Kyiv, Ukraine to help at-risk… Read More...

New Life and a Fresh Start

March 2019 Newsletter:

One of the ministries that Mercy Projects supports is a Christian rehabilitation center for ex-prisoners in the east Ukrainian village of Larino. This ministry, run by Sergey Kazmenko, includes evangelism to prisons, the military, and discipleship of men after they are released.… Read More...

Russia’s War with Ukraine Continues

February 2019 Newsletter: Eastern Ukraine

In Russian occupied Crimea, prosecutions of religious believers have doubled and continue rising. Any believer not belonging to the Russian Orthodox Church such as Protestants, Jehovah Witnesses, or Muslims, are in danger.

Russian troops lead Ukrainian sailors to prison.…

The Gospel Around The World

January 2019 Newsletter: A Missions Travel Update from Jeff:

I recently traveled to countries such as Vietnam and northern Iraq (Kurdistan). A like-minded organization invited me to see their work in these very difficult regions of the world. As you read this update however,… Read More...

Sharing and Showing the Love of God this Christmas

December 2018 Newsletter: 

Donate for Christmas

Firewood to Heat their Homes

Many years ago, my wife and I huddled around a small stove to try to stay warm. Winter in Kosovo was new to us, and the widow we visited had lost her husband… Read More...

Christmas Means Warm Classrooms and Dental Visits

November 2018 Newsletter: 

The Hearts Of Love Story – About 13 years ago, a small group of mothers, each with a handicapped child, gathered to discover how they could support each other. Lena Yuschenko, the leader of the group, took the train to Kiev… Read More...

Keeping Them Together As A Family

October 2018 Newsletter: A village in Western Ukraine – Natalia and Vasyl Danilchenko both come from strong Christian families. Their tradition in western Ukraine is to work hard, worship God, and if God gives you lots of children, then you will be blessed. Today… Read More...

Scholarships Make Dreams Take Flight

September 2018 Newsletter: Kyiv, Ukraine – Many years ago a single Ukrainian mother came to our Kyiv office and asked for help for her daughter, a sponsored child at that time, to attend college.

“We can’t afford it,” she said. “Our sponsors have been… Read More...

Don’t Be Afraid-Do What Is On Your Heart

Ruslan feeds the many goats on their small farm.

August 2018 Newsletter: “When God talks to your heart,” Ruslan said, “things happen. He puts something on your heart and then He does it. So, just do what you have on your heart and walk… Read More...